Shawn the policemen


dont be shy get out there and challenge yourself into doing things that you normally wouldn’t do. Stand up to people because people look up to you.

2-police officers

treat people how you would like to be treated even when people don’t treat you nicely because leaders can influence bad things

3- leadership course

set examples for little kids/adults and encourage them to do the right things, Don’t just stand there be a leader.



Today Miss Montgomery came into grade 5 to speak about leadership, she talked about all they important things you have to do to be a leader. Honesty, listening, trust your friends, stay strong, sense of humour, teamwork and focusing on what’s important. I am going to use these phrase’s to make me a better leader

I’ve been a captain for a number of sports, for example I was named captain for my rep team and for st’marys football club. If I have an idea I will never give up on it, I won’t let someone change my opinion but I will share it and include everyone’s opinion.


Spinning in space

This is my drawing of how I think the lunar system works. And how things move in the lunar system I am not quite sure if I’m right but I will soon find out.                                      image

How do you think the solar system works?


Grade 5 Leadership Day

Yesterday grade 5 went to the Montmorency leadership day. My highlights were all of the activities especially the M&M challenge and the cops and robbers game. I learnt about lot’s of leadership skills, met new people and caught up with some family friends. During the day we used the following skills to help us get through the activities.

Co-operation, initiative, persistence, communication, enthusiasm, teamwork, leadership. 

Which one of these do you think is the most important and why?



Welcome to my school blog hope you enjoy looking at all my learning my favourite things to do are playing basketball and footy

What are your favourite things to do?